Our Mission at Reformation Lutheran Childcare Center

We see each child as God's gift and we care for each one with Christian compassion, love, and understanding through age-appropriate learning and activities.


An Important Message From Our Childcare Center Director:

In consideration of the COVID-19 outbreak and the unfortunate widespread of the virus, our Childcare Center will remain closed until it is completely safe to return to normal operation.

The safety of our children, parents, and staff is of utmost importance. Please rest assured that we are doing all we can, including complying with Virginia Department of Health suggestions and guidelines, to ensure that we maintain a healthy and safe environment. 

We pray that everyone continues to stay safe and know that God, who sits on the Throne, maintains control of matters on this earth. Thank you and may God bless.

For updates on the status of our Childcare Center during this uncertain time, please visit our Reformation Lutheran Childcare Center Facebook page.